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No Quarter Fantasy Wargames™

No Quarter is a generic rules system for fantasy 28mm miniatures wargames set in the fantasy world of Genayria. Games can be played from small scale skirmishes to full scale battles using hundreds of figures.

No Quarter uses an alternate unit activation turn sequence in which players take turns is moving and fighting with units until all units have been activated. Is Ending
As this site does not get updated very often and there are plenty of free blog sites available, the will expire at the end of August 2014.

I have relocated all of the downloads to and will, when time permits, start to add some more content.

Thank you for all of your support over the years and keep playing!

No Quarter Siege In Italian!
Domenico De Rosa has recently completed a translation of the No Quarter Siege rules into Italian. This, along with the French version of the rules are avialbale from the downloads section.

Another great addition to the No Quarter library and my warmest thanks go out to Dom!

No Quarter Naval Battles Ship Builder Spreadsheet
A new spreadsheet to help players create a ship profile for No Quarter Naval Battles has been uploaded. This spreadsheet allows the dimensions of the ship to be entered and this in turn will calculate the ship profile, crew and maximum weapons allowed. The spreadsheet is available from the accessories downloads page.

Now if only I had time to make the other ships I have in mind...

Sample Ships For No Quarter Naval Battles
Seems I neglected to upload the guidelines for creating ship profiles for No Quarter Naval Battles. A new page has been added to the Naval Battles section and the spreadsheet is available from the accessories downloads page.

Now I have a bit of time, I will work on a proper ship builder spreadsheet.

Extra Bits In French!
A new French player has provided two new files for No Limits. RonRoyce has sent in a French language figure calculator and a two page French Quick Reference guide.

The pdf and excel documents have both been added to the French downloads page, now that there are THREE French downloads.

Merci beaucoup, RonRoyce!

Skyship Construction
Finally finished the construction of the first skyship.

The next project will be a bit more complex...

No Quarter Naval Battles
It has been a long time coming, but the draft rules for No Quarter Naval Battles are now available from the downloads section. This is an optional expansion using the core No Quarter rules, but taking the battle to the open seas.

Of course, to play, you will need a ship. Or two. These need to be pretty big ships so you can get a decent sized crew of 28mm models on the deck. The model shown above is a chopped Playmobil toy which works really well.

Gehátlander Army List
As a regular contributor the the No Quarter forum, MEversbergll has posted a No Quarter Army List on the Campaign Builders Build Wiki. Thsi is a really useful method of posting an army list and I would encourage other gamers to follow the example set.

The Gehátlander list is an infantry army with lots spear troops equipped with shields supported by bowmen. It looks like it would work really well with Viking models or perhaps a mix of generic spearmen and archers from that well known high street games company...

Glenn has been painting a horde of Goblins for Confrontation and one day these will find there way into a No Quarter army list.

Ninja Goblin painted by Glenn Few

No Quarter In French!
Rodolphe Carpentier has gone to fantastic lengths to translate the No Quarter rules into French.

Rodolphe is also working on a No Quarter French web site, so soon we will have a true European flavour to No Quarter. Tres Bon!

Step By Step Profile Creation
A post on the forum suggested it may be a good idea to provide a step-by-step guide to creating a model profile. Although the Demon army creation pages went through the model selection process, the calculation process was missing (time I'm afraid). Anyway, the prod from the forum has spurned me into action and a few creation calculations are now fully explained. The Fallen One, an elite Hellbeast and a basic Beastman are now explained in detail.

Fallen One

Download the No Quarter rules for free!

Ever wanted to use figures from several different manufacturers to make a unique fantasy army? With so many quality figures around from so many sources, one rules system does not allow figures from all manufacturers to be used at the same time. These rules are designed to provide flexibility in structuring forces.

Any fantasy figures can be used in an army for battles of No Quarter. The models used can have their own unique statistics generated by the Model Profile Creator or pre-defined forces can be used from the Army Library.

Compatible with all fantasy figures including Heresy, Black Scorpion, Hasslefree Minatures, Confrontation, Reaper, Privateer Press, Freebooter, Foundry, Tale Of War Miniatures, West Wind and Warhammer Fantasy Battle to name but a few.

No Quarter uses an alternate unit activation mechanism which allows players to stay involved in the game.

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